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About us



For any individual, to be able to add value to the society they live in, is the ultimate aim. When this dream is magnified in the form of a team, it becomes for realistic. As a company, as a team, we at Laxmi housing strive to enhance the lives of every individual we connect with, while at the same time creating a world that is stronger, safer and stunning!


In order to make our vision achievable, we are on a constant drive towards enhancing our methods, innovating our technologies and developing our mechanisms. Ensuring that we give back to the environment more than what we take away, we deploy solutions that are eco-friendly as well as of the top-notch quality. In our endeavor towards ensuring a cent percent customer satisfaction, we adopt methods that are designed keeping in mind our customers, and only them!


We aspire to create homes, and not just buildings. In order to do so, we believe in adhering to a set of values and principles that define us, our working and our projects. We take accountability of what we perform, of what we create! Yes, we believe in ourselves and that helps us believe in you, our customer! We are transparent in our project handling capacities and work together as a team. We believe in forevers, be in increasing them in the form of homes, or relationships with our customers!


Ashok Chawla

A visionary in the truest sense, Mr. Ashok Chawla is the brain behind Laxmi Housing. With a work experience that crosses four decades, he has invested his lifetime on furthering development and growth in the most realistic manner. A philanthropist, Mr. Ashok has also been an active member of the Lion’s club, Khernagar, holding the post of a secretary, treasury and the president across a span of 30 years. A man of few words, but larger actions, he is all about innovation and brings about a host of new technologies that the construction industry can successfully be backed upon.


Pritam Chawla

Mr. Pritam Chawla, the driving force behind Laxmi Housing, instills the power to build and succeed within the root of our company. Backed by over 30 years of experience within the construction segment, he combines successful strategies with innovative approach to yield a far-fetching company development. The source of intellect, he handles operations within the development sites, motivating and handholding with the site engineers, contractors and other workers.

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